Anytime your profession involves chasing critters for a living, choosing an outfitter that takes the meaning of success to the next level is a big deal. The Mossy Oak Turkey THUG's Production team did just that, we packed our bags, loaded up the camera gear and headed to 180 Outdoors in Southeast Kansas to meet up with Matt and Devin in pursuit of a few lonely Long beards.

From the diversity of the dirt one yelps on, to the numbers of birds on each property, all the way back to home cooked meals and a relaxing camp that allows a hunter to "Recharge his batteries", 180 Outdoors has perfected the meaning of paying attention to detail.

We enjoy returning each spring to be with the crew at 180 Outdoors, 3 years ago we were strangers and today we are friends. Thanks for everything Matt and Devin and we appreciate those early morning wake up calls every April.

Mossy Oak Productions Team

From before we even walked on the premises we were well taken care of. They gave us great directions and we were greeted like welcomed guests. Their accommodations were exceptionally clean and comfortable and after that they continually made sure we had the best experience. My first day of hunting was pretty slow, and they quickly remedied the situation by moving me, so that the second day I had nothing but action and fun. I saw a myriad of birds all day: toms, hens and jakes.

Our guides were fun, personable and professional. The camaraderie in the evenings was a nice added bonus. A fun and relaxing time to kick back with one another. They took care of all the work and the thinking, so we could have all the fun. So much so, we've already booked for the 2016 season.

John Hutchinson - Minnesota

180 Outdoors has a great and exciting hunting experience. From being involved in every aspect of the hunt, to a grand slam meal at the lodge. It’s an experience every outdoorsman should take part in. The staff at 180 Outdoors is very knowledgeable about the game they pursue. Being a hunter all of my life I have to admit that I learned a lot on this guided trip. The effort and hospitality cannot be beat at 180 Outdoors. I personally can’t wait till next hunting season so I can make another trip to Southeast Kansas. I give it a thumbs up. Thank you very much 180 Outdoors!
Jay, Iowa

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all the guys at 180 Outdoors for a great opportunity to hunt on their properties. It is not always about what you kill that makes the trip a successful hunt. I enjoyed the opportunity to experience hunting Southeast Kansas. Although I did not come away with my trophy this trip, I did come away with memories that will last forever. You guys had done the hard work and put me in the right spot. You gave me the opportunity to see huge deer within 100 yards every day. I am grateful to come away with no less than the heart pounding excitement of seeing a 170+ deer very close.

I learned some things on this trip about properly aging deer, about patience, about being prepared, and to just enjoy what God has place around us. The friendships that were made, the fellowship that was shared, and the time spent watching grown men act like little kids discussing their days at the bonfire were a wonderful thing. I look forward to coming back again and sharing in another wonderful experience. Next year I will be ready, have my equipment checked, and not gaze so long in amazement at what stands before me.

I want to thank everyone, Matt, Devin, Jake, and Joe for being there to assist and guide thoroughly. May this become a tradition that we all continue to enjoy and share.

Dave, Florida

Just wanted to thank everyone from the team at 180 Outdoors for the great trip. It was the best whitetail hunt I have had to date. Matt W was gracious and remained flexible to accommodate my uncertain work schedule which allowed me to find a window to make the trip. I had a good stand with plenty of deer activity to keep me alert. My guide, Brian H, was prepared and responsive. He put me in a great location and was quick to arrive and help me recover my buck after the shot. I would highly recommend 180 Outdoors. I can't wait for next year!

Bill M. - Colorado

I travel all over the country producing TV for Mossy Oak Productions. One of my favorite trips during the spring is to 180 Outdoors. The number of turkeys, awesome dirt, fantastic food and great times makes me never want to leave!
Jordan Blissett - Field Producer for Mossy Oak

Dear 180 Outdoors,

Thank you so much for all your hard work to help me have not only a successful deer hunt, but I also had a hunt of a lifetime. All of the staff at 180 Outdoors went above and beyond my expectations. The guides worked so hard to help ensure that everyone in my group was seeing quality bucks on every hunt. The atmosphere in the lodge was great and let me tell you I would come back to visit just to have some more of the awesome food that the cook prepared for us to eat each day.

The entire experience was just great. It all started from the time I first ever contacted Matt and talked with him about the outfitter. I was given references and answers to all my questions. Once I booked the hunt, Matt was in constant contact with me. I was supplied with tons of photos from the many Stealth Cams that are put up on all of the properties that are leased by 180 Outdoors. I looked forward to receiving updated trail cam photos each week so I could see the caliber of deer that I would be hunting and it helped keep me excited about my trip. Matt even asked me what my dream deer was and he scoped one out for me. I received photos of a twelve point that I wanted to hunt which only increased my level of excitement. Once I arrived in camp all of the guides took time each evening to go through pictures from the Stealth Cams with me and all of the other guys in camp. Chris even spent extra time with me on the first afternoon to help me dial in my new Muzzle Loader since I had never hunted with a Muzzle Loader before.

Finally on the second evening of my hunt, I killed the mature 12 point that Matt had sent me pictures of from the Stealth Cams prior to my arrival in camp. It was a great hunt. I saw over 20 deer on the afternoon that I tagged out. Another highlight of the hunt was that one of the guides, Chris, sat in the stand with me and filmed my hunt so that I could relieve those memories with friends and family once I returned home. After I tagged out I got to go fishing in one of the ponds on the property and I caught more fish in two hours than I have ever caught in an entire day of fishing.

I can't recommend 180 Outdoors enough. I enjoyed my entire trip and I will always remember the guys that put in all the hard work to make my hunt enjoyable. Everyday that I see my Kansas buck on my living room wall, I always have plenty of good memories to reflect back on from my trip with 180 Outdoors. I definitely plan to return for another Kansas Whitetail Muzzle loader Hunt.

Sam Parker - Milton, FL.

I want to thank all of the guys at 180 Outdoors for a great Kansas deer hunt. Comfortable deer stands in great locations helped make this a memorable hunt. They have a good group of young guides that have a lot of knowledge about hunting and understanding the areas that they place hunters. Overall good experience and I am looking forward to returning to hunt again.
Owen, PA

Matt....I still have my pro-staff 180 t-shirt and am wearing it this morning, so I thought I’d give you guys a shout. I checked out your website and it looks like you’re going strong. I am 68 years old now and still in relatively good health. I don’t hunt deer or turkeys anymore. Lost the opportunity to hunt the farm near Seneca, which I loved. I guess it’s for the best as I can’t drive the long distances the way I used to. Eric & I have gone our separate ways, although I do see him occasionally. How I tolerated him all those years is a mystery. He literally drove me to the brink of insanity! I have a nice boat and do a lot of panfishing. Also have a friend who has a big boat on Lake Ontario and we do well fishing for trout & salmon. And, I’ve been to Alaska several times and am going again this year in mid-Aug. for silver salmon. They are a blast and will even hit surface lures. A long way to go but lots of fun. I see both you & Devin each have 3 children. Must be lots of fun taking them afield. You guys still hit the catfish? I still remember how great those were when you prepared them for dinner. Also, the fun I had catching big panfish in the nearby pond. Well, just wanted to say hello. Had lots of fun at your place, both turkey & waterfowl.
Josh Sandwick