Hi, I am Matt Wonser owner of 180 Outdoors. I have lived, hunted, and fished this area of Kansas since I have been able to walk and talk. My grandfather introduced me to the outdoors at a very young age. The one thing I do value more than the outdoors is my family. We are strong and together in all we do. At my house there is myself, Crystal, Zak, Collin and Ella. We do experience the outdoors as a family and cherish every moment.  I absolutely love the outdoors and everything to do with it.  By far the best part of working in the outdoor industry is the people that you meet. I have made many good friends and cannot wait to see what the future holds. This is an exciting time here at 180 Outdoors come out and enjoy what you love to do! I cannot wait to meet you.

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My name is Devin Windsor I am a co-owner of 180 outdoors! Outdoors is my passion I have been involved with every aspect of the outdoors from a very young age! My brother and I started this business 11 year ago with 1 client and a 100 acres! And have grown into multiple client bases and 25000+acres! I believe success speaks for itself, with 11 years of success guiding clients we look forward to making year 12 the best one yet! Also I have a family that one could only dream of! My beautiful and very supportive wife Valerie has supported my love for the outdoors since day one. Even when our first child was born! I'm lucky to be the Dad of Landon, Ava and Lily, who also enjoy the outdoors. We at 180 cannot wait to meet and make a friendship that will last a lifetime!