Coyotes, Bobcats, and raccoons! As a part of our Habitat Management plan, we are removing a large number of a raccoons and coyotes. Bobcats are another common predator to Kansas, however they are much more elusive. Coyotes are the dominate predator to our area and we have a booming population of coyotes. Due to the recent decline in pelt prices, fewer hunters are pursuing the furbearing animals. This has allowed the population to explode. We have an unbelievable amount of raccoons. It is not uncommon to catch 10-15 raccoons a night running a trap line.

On our predator hunts, we offer both calling and trapping. It doesn't matter if you are a professional trapper and looking for a place to go or if you have never touched a trap in your life come on over and experience it.

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