2020 Oklahoma Semi-Guided Shotgun Turkey Hunts



Pay a deposit of $150.00 per item
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  • Description – We will know the land and have you in a position to be successful, but you are going to have to finish the deal yourself. You are going to have to make decisions.
  • Lodging– Your lodging is not included in this price. You will have to seek shelter at a local hotel or campsite. We will provide you with a list of options. Lodge cost are your responsibility.
  • Meals– We will provide a list of local restaurants for you to eat at. You can eat a McDonalds very affordable or eat at a Steakhouse and spend much more. Either way the cost of meals are your responsibility.
  • Transportation– Your guide will drive to the farms and show you the boundaries as well as the parking locations for your vehicle. Day to Day of your hunt you will drive to and from your hotel to your farms.
  • Game Handling– When you take a shot at your target animal you will recover and then deliver your game to a local meat processor or process yourself. That fee is your responsibility.
  • Taxidermy– We have a local taxidermist that prepare your turkey for the trip home. It will be ready for your taxidermist or you can leave it here for him to mount and pick it up on your next trip to 180 Outdoors! All taxidermy fees are the responsibility of the hunter.
  • Duration– Your turkey hunt will consist of two days hunting. You will arrive at two pm the day before the hunt starts and depart by ten pm the second day of the hunt.
  • Cost– The cost of the hunt is $650. This consists of a $150 deposit and a $500 due upon arrival.
  • Bag Limit– 1 Tom Turkey

PAWHUSKA, OK Lodging and Restaurants

SEDAN, KS Lodging and Restaurants