• Unit


  • Acres


  • Closest Town

    Sedan, KS

  • Lease Dates

    Date of Signing — May 31, 2020

  • Price:


  • Species

    Whitetail Deer, Turkey

  • Number of Hunters


  • Lodging Included

    NO…Sedan has multiple house that are available to rent by night.

  • Notes

    This property is situated in a large block of woods with no roads intersecting it for many miles. Several terrain changes and an abundance of oaks make this a deer magnet. It is not uncommon to see over 20 deer per hunt. The rut is intense and there are many different bucks that travel through here every season. The owner moves the cattle to the West portion of the ranch during November and the first half of December. *We are looking for a responsible long term client. *Must have references.