Brougham Ranch Tract 3

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  • Closest Town

    Sedan, KS

  • Lease Dates

    Date of Signing — December 31, 2019

  • Price:


  • Species

    Whitetail Deer

  • Number of Hunters


  • Lodging Included


  • Notes

    The draws are so deep and wild on this 830 parcel of land that you could describe them as canyons. That along with the fact that Dead Man’s Creek flows through through it makes the setting as interesting as the very high deer density. This ranch is a top producer and the lay out allows you to draw deer from multiple large bedding areas. There are a few ponds that would support some fishing and occasional duck hunting and there is also the possibility of  shooting a few turkeys on this tract. However, this place was built for deer hunters. If you are serious about your whitetail deer this is a place you need to give a second look!