Brougham Ranch Tract 2

  • Unit


  • Acres


  • Closest Town

    Sedan, KS

  • Lease Dates

    Date of Signing — December 31, 2019

  • Price:


  • Species

    Whitetail Deer, Waterfowl, Turkey, Predator, Quail, Dove, Squirrel

  • Number of Hunters


  • Lodging Included

    NO…Sedan has multiple house that are available to rent by night.

  • Notes

    Native grass draws mixed with heavy oak ridges make up the majority of this property. There great places to set up a tower stand and watch the deer move from one block of woods to another. If you are a bow hunter there is no shortage of ambush points in the timber along the ridges and creeks. Unlimited places to hang stands and spread out with your friends and family and hunt at the same time! This ranch has many ponds on it that are loaded with large mouth bass and also great places to shoot a duck or goose in the Kansas waterfowl season.