• Unit


  • Acres


  • Closest Town

    Fall River, KS

  • Lease Dates

    Date of Signing — December 31, 2019

  • Price:


  • Species

    Whitetail Deer

  • Number of Hunters


  • Lodging Included


  • Notes

    Elk County, Ks is rugged, rough, and remote creating hide outs for deer from the difficulty of getting to them. The born lease is 550+ acres of the neverland. As you get to the back of the property it will give you sense of being out in deer country. No highways, no towns, you don’t even have to bring the wife if you don’t want to! Just the serenity of nature and its surroundings. Not to mention this property has a track record of producing big Kansas bucks. The tract is big enough all three hunters could hunt at the same time or you could take turns and space it out over the 3 months left in the Kansas Deer Season. Harvest and trail camera pictures available upon request.