If a 5 day guided hunt is not enough hunting for you, we do have an option. 180 Outdoors, LLC has numerous farms available for year-round or season hunting leases. These farms range in price from $7-$25 per acre. Each farm varies in the amount of hunters, what species are available to hunt, and the period of the year that they are available.  Check out some Kansas hunting leases below and remember to contact us to be notified of new farms that will be available!


Unit: 14

Closest Town: Eureka 
Acres: 240 
Price: $3200 
Number of Hunters: 3  
Dates: Date of Signing - January 31, 2018  
Species: Deer and Fishing in the South Pond. 
Liability Insurance is Required.

 CALL FOR MORE INFO: 620-330-7282 



Unit: 14 
Closest town: Howard 
Acres: 80 
Price: $1,600 
Number of Hunters: 2 
Dates: One Year from the Signing Date. 
Species: Deer, Turkeys, Ducks, Fishing, and Predators. 
Liability Insurance is Required.

 CALL FOR MORE INFO: 620-330-7282 ​




Unit: 11 
Closest town: Iola 
Acres: 160 
Price: $2050 
Number of Hunters: 2  
Dates: Date of Signing - January 31, 2018 (*No quail hunting.) 
Species: Deer, Turkey, Waterfowl, Predator, and Fishing. (No quail hunting.) 
Liability Insurance is Required.

 CALL FOR MORE INFO: 620-330-7282 ​


Are you looking for a great Kansas Hunting Lease?

Do you enjoy the freedom and the reward that a DIY hunt brings? Here at 180 Outdoors we pride ourselves in quality Kansas hunting leases. We understand that finding the right ground is important and choosing the right lease is a big decision.  Whether you’re looking the ultimate trophy hunting lease or more economical ground that provides a great place for you and your family to harvest deer, turkey, waterfowl, predator hunting and more, we can accommodate you.  Be certain to check this page frequently to get additional information on our Kansas hunting leases that come available. Also, make sure to contact us and we can put you on a mailing list so that you can see when new hunting land comes available. If you don’t see a hunting lease listed here that meets your needs, we will be glad to help you find what you’re looking for. There is nothing like hunting Kansas! Let us help you ensure that get that quality spot your looking for!